Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Military Academy

Annual Fee for Academic Year 2023-24 : Rs. 1,80,000/-

Annual Fee for Academic Year 2023-24 : Rs. 1,80,000/-


Indoor and Outdoor Sports Facility

Indoor shooting ranges will be constructed considering basic requirements for operating he range safety, proper ventilation, acoustic isolation and appropriate lighting. Outdoor shooting ranges will be used for longer distance shooting. This will aim to train students to deal with exposure to elements such as wind, dust and rain.
An indoor stadium of National standard will be established, which will host all indoor games such as basketball, volleyball, table tennis, chess etc. The stadium will have capacity of 1000 spectators. State of the art outdoor sports facility will also be established within the premise of the Sainik School.

The work is in progress and likely to be completed soon. (this line to beadded at the end)

Also Best Facility with

Swimming Pool

Swimming pool with all modern facilities will be made available and taught as an extracurricular activity to cadets.

Computer Lab

With ever increasing penetration of technology in almost every sector, enhancing skill on computer is of paramount importance. Computer literacy is becoming an essential part of the mainstream education. Two computer labs equipped with internet, multimedia facilities and latest configurations on computers will be established.
Computer skills are becoming as important as math, language and science education and governments around the world are looking for the most efficient ways to provide computing access for their students.

Science Lab

We intend to establish ultra-modern science laboratory with state of the art facilities that can accommodate batch of 60 students at the same time. We believe in promoting and environment of learning where children tend to learn faster when they are able to visualize their lessons and are enthused by the practical application of subjects. Science labs will promote learning through experience and will provide an open environment for children to innovate and create projects, working models or carry out experiments with research purpose.


To inculcate reading skills among cadets, state of the art library will be established. The library will have genre of books, newspapers, magazines and other important academic materials. A digital library, an online database of digital objects will also be made available to cadets.
Apart from the above mentioned infrastructures, artificial mountaineering wall, gymnasium, yoga center, hospital will also be established within the premise.


A fully medically equipped hospital is being established in the campus. The building is ready. Ambulence and other amenities needed for hospital are on its way and will be available soon. (To be added)

Free laundry

Fully Furnished hostel

24 hrs security with CCTV